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An Ice Climbing trip away…right in our backyard :D

What an amazing weekend. Friday started off this weekend as an ice-climbing ‘trip’ at home. We spent a couple of hours at Hillsborough for some ice. That area has seen some high tides recently – causing the bottoms of the climbs to be gone. Thankfully the ice came down far enough for us to still […]

School Closures…

Okay – I didn’t intend for this blog to be a venting post…however, I am a passionate person, and sometimes I will vent…the nice thing about venting on a blog, is that people can choose to read or not to read J I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. We generally are known for having a […]

Best Ice Climbing day of 2012 :)

This past weekend was probably one of my most favourite days this season for climbing ice. We headed to Mount Misery… but don’t let the name fool you…it was an incredible day of climbing.  There were a lot of us there (given the small amount of ice climbers in New Brunswick)…it was like our own mini-ice […]

so I’ve taken the plunge…

I have wanted to write a blog for quite awhile. I actually started one ( back in 2010…but didn’t continue it…and then couldn’t get into it to start posting again…so here I am at wordpress…hoping for better luck. I’m not sure where the blog world will take me…I’ve enjoyed discussions on another blog ( ) and […]