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Best Ice Climbing day of 2012 :)

This past weekend was probably one of my most favourite days this season for climbing ice. We headed to Mount Misery… but don’t let the name fool you…it was an incredible day of climbing. 
There were a lot of us there (given the small amount of ice climbers in New Brunswick)…it was like our own mini-ice fest.   
We spent the day on some really nice lines, some were thin, requiring some creative maneuvering of the tools and feet…but most lines that were pretty nice and even ‘fat’
(allowing the ‘wife-beater’ swing to run rampant) 🙂 

This was my favourite line…It had a little bit of a dry-foot start…but there were great ledges for your feet. 

Later in the afternoon, we all moved to the upper cliff (which was in even better conditions)…Greg spied this really interesting looking, unique climb that went up through a gully and through an ice opening. It was amazing to watch…it was somtimes even challenging for him to swing his tools, as the upper part was so narrow.  Check out these photos:
We were pretty psyched with such an awesome day…we ended the day with some delicious pizza at Pomodori in Rothesay, before heading to Kristy & Lucas’ for some post-climbing pops 🙂 
An insanely awesome day!!!! 
How do you spend a wintery day of enjoyment?

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