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School Closures…

Okay – I didn’t intend for this blog to be a venting post…however, I am a passionate person, and sometimes I will vent…the nice thing about venting on a blog, is that people can choose to read or not to read J

I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. We generally are known for having a snowy winter…however this winter it’s not been that snowy at all….we’ve either been cursed (as the skiers may say) or blessed (as heard by the snow shovellers)…either way….I choose to try and look at the positives. 

Even though I am a skier, and miss being able to XCountry ski this season…I am enjoying (as an ice climber) to be able to drive into the ice climbing ‘crags’ (thanks to my husband’s all-wheel drive Subaru)…see…a silver lining. 🙂

Now my rant…

…today our school district chose to send the students to school because (I’m assuming) the forecast was for the accumulation of snow/rain to happen later in the afternoon.  Other school districts in the province cancelled school for the day.  Naturally our students were disappointed (what kid doesn’t want a snow day?).  And even some parents were upset because of the ‘potential’ storm that was being predicted. {Let’s admit that Mr. Weatherman HAS been known to predict a storm that doesn’t transpire on occasion 🙂 }

The announcement to then close schools in our district with staggered bus runs in the afternoon (12;1;and 2 for K-2; 3-8; and 9-12 respectively) was met with many a parent complaint (though the district DID say this morning that there MAY be an early dismissal if the weather warranted it).  So herein lies my rant. 

It is a NO-WIN situation!  They (the school district/superintendent) are damned if they DO (cancel school) and damned if they DON’T! 

Some of the complaints from parents were:

 ‘why bother sending them at all?’… if THAT is how you feel –perhaps the you should look into home-schooling your child? Hehe

‘why don’t they send ALL the kids home on the same bus’…Hmmm common sense…IF it takes multiple bus runs to GET the number of kids to school…PERHAPS just maybe it takes that many to get them home? Or more accurately…as a high school teacher, let me tell you – you do NOT want the Grade 12 boys on the bus with your grade 8 daughter.  :S  y’a know?   Many a bad scenario could play out…and I’d rather have my bus driver be able to concentrate FULLY on the slippery roads than what all the varied aged kids are doing on his bus. AND let’s not forget that because our school district is the largest in our province…with 38 schools…it takes TIME to get these kids out and about.


‘we live in the Maritimes, it’s 10cm, we should be able to deal with it’, actually at first glance, I agreed with this statement, and then I started to remember WHERE our district went…rural roads are NOT always ploughed and kept sanded (especially at the beginning of a storm)…and though in the city we can ‘deal with it’ (hmmm unless you live on a side street, har har)…let’s remember that there are a LOT of our students who do NOT live within the city limits…and those back, country roads get a lot slippery when covered with snow.

I guess my point is – people…BE QUIET.

Be happy that your child is coming home early and that hopefully they’ll make it home before roads are too slippery. Be happy that we have free public education (alright – not free.it’s paid by our tax dollars…BUT we don’t have to ALSO pay a tuition). Be happy that your child will most likely be excited to come home and that school was cancelled (even if it was only a couple of hours), enjoy the smile on their faces…AND if you can’t “BE HAPPY”…then maybe next time you should exercise YOUR parental right, and just KEEP your child home if you think the weather is going to be too bad. Instead of being pissed off the person YOU allowed to make the decision for you in the first place (the school district).


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