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Goodnight Moon

Do you have a favourite book that you used to read as a child, or that your parent read to you? I LOVE the book:  Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.   I used to read this to my daughters when they were little.  It’s a great little story, and even though it all happens in […]


I am Catholic. Ash Wednesday signifies the beginning of Lent.  Lent is generally celebrated by a variety of Christian faiths. Many faithful will fast or giving up something of ‘luxury’ as a form of penitence.  I have friends who are giving up chocolate and even one who is giving up facebook.  I’ve always chosen (generally) […]

February 2012

I am a very lucky person. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am. To get a little philosophical…we need to step back and ‘smell the roses’. ENJOY what we have; instead of yearning for what we don’t have or what we think we want… I just got to spend another spectacular weekend with a […]

a new taste…

When Kyle came climbing with us last week, we got to talking about coffee. He admits to being a bit of a coffee connoisseur, as is Greg. I however, am relatively new to the whole coffee addiction thing (more on this in a later post).  While we were talking, Greg & I were boasting about […]

Happy ‘Love’ Day!

It’s today. Movies have been made about it, some single people say they dread it, some men say they hate it; some women go dreamy about it.  Valentine’s Day. February 14th. The day of love, the colour red, chocolate and fine dining… Another commercialized gimmick…but who cares. Buy into it or not…it’s your choice.  But […]

Meal Planning

I used to plan meals;  I would actually look forward to trying new meals and recipes.  Unfortunately, that fell to the wayside a few years ago…life changes, busy schedule…all sorts of reasons (or excuses). However I’ve really missed it. I don’t like the ‘by the seat of your pants’ sort of meals rut that I’ve […]

Impeding storm & friends

Impeding storm & friendship, It started on Thursday, the weather networks were talking and predicting a winter storm…it started with 10-15 cm to fall on our city…but by Friday, it was upped to 40 cm.  As I was teaching, I heard the age-old complaint of kids and teachers…WHY couldn’t it be on a school day […]