Banff Mountain Film Festival weekend…

Yet another amazing weekend (even though it didn’t involved me getting out ice-climbing…I did get to watch some sweet climbing videos). 

This was one of my favourite films of the evening:   http://blueobsessionfilm.com/

It is filmed on the Mendenhall Glacier.  Perhaps the reason I enjoyed the film so much was because I’ve actually seen the Mendenhall Glacier personally in 2009. Here are some pictures of the glacier from my trip.


UNB Rock & Ice club hosts this annual event in Fredericton. It’s one of their biggest fundraisers for the club.  I helped out by organizing their canteen. I was so lucky to have many lovely people help me with the baking. I only baked two things (chocolate zucchini bread (10 loaves) and 3 dozen peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies)…it was a giant success.


 We almost sold out totally before intermission on the second night 🙂  (note to self…need to bake more for next year) hehe.

One of my favourite reasons for attending this particular event is it is a chance to see all of our climbing friends from around the province. New Brunswick isn’t a large province, so really most of the ‘climbers’ live within a 450 km radius. It’s great to congregate at this festival. We take the time to catch up and see what everyone is doing, what they’ve been up to, and even make climbing plans…for the weekend (and for the annual March Break trip to Joshua Tree and Red Rocks in Nevada).


It was definitely weird not to be out ice climbing this weekend…but that is okay, we’re going to make Monday a climbing day for us…as it’s been too long since I’ve swung the tools…and I need a good fix!

We are planning on heading into Parlee Brook Amphitheatre. It is an incredible place. I really feel like it has its own little micro-climate. We were there early in the season, a couple of times…but haven’t been back now that the ice is fat…I’m looking forward to it (maybe I’ll even find something tame that I can lead). Here are some pictures from our trips in earlier this year.


 As I was checking for these pics from early December this season, I came across some older pictures.

Check this out, my first season ice climbing…

this was Parlee Brook on December 1st, 2007   

and on December 18th, 2011  

Isn’t it interesting how seasons are different year to year? I may complain sometimes that it’s ‘cold’ here in the Maritimes, but I’m very happy to live somewhere with definite seasons.  What’s your favourite part about where you live?


4 comments on “Banff Mountain Film Festival weekend…

  1. Definitely a great weekend!

    Your gluten-free zucchini bread was amazing! I could have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 🙂

    Thanks to you and your girls for organizing the treat stand at the festival.

  2. You inspire me, and I’m in awe of what you do, and the experiences you open yourself up to. Your photos are spectacular, and I really appreciate the link to the blue obsession film: stunning.

    The favourite part of where I live? Ontario – full of clear waters, beautiful forests, and the home we built, nestled in a wooded oasis – heaven on earth:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Thanks so much Kaarina, my love for the outdoors seems to grow by the season. I am enthralled at the enjoyment one can have by being outside, and enjoying such ‘simple’ things in life. That was an incredible film, makes me want to jump on a plane and go find a glacier to climb 🙂

      Oh – tell me about this home you’ve built in a wooded oasis…definitely sounds like you’ve discovered heaven on earth!

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