Impeding storm & friends

Impeding storm & friendship,

It started on Thursday, the weather networks were talking and predicting a winter storm…it started with 10-15 cm to fall on our city…but by Friday, it was upped to 40 cm.  As I was teaching, I heard the age-old complaint of kids and teachers…WHY couldn’t it be on a school day 😀  

Its mid-February…we’ve barely had a winter.  I almost hate to say it…but I was hoping the storm would peter out and NOT happen. This morning it certainly felt like it would, as it was super mild, and lots of rain. Really, I am ready to move onto my spring activities…which does NOT include snow… {yes, rock climbing}.

The storm started to arrive later in the afternoon…but it’s late evening now, and it’s only starting to accumulate….and they are now only calling for 10cm more…so I think we will not see even half of the 40cm they were first talking about…but hey…it’s all good 🙂

However…since I just bought new skate skis, and have only been on them once (because our fair city does NOT groom unless there is fresh snow)…I guess part of me was/is ‘sort-of’ looking forward to snow.

This morning, I met up with Angela, a great friend that I used to teach with. I barely see her anymore…but we picked up as though we see one another daily. A trait of true friendship. No awkwardness or weird silence. Just two friends chatting over coffee and browsing at the market…

I deeply value my friendships. I believe that friends come into our lives, and deserve the time and effort to stay in touch. We’re lucky that with the internet, email and things like Facebook that it makes staying in touch a bit easier. However I do think it’s important to see and spend time with one another when time permits.

I travel to Fredericton often to see and catch up with my friend Karen. We’ve been friends since my first year at Saint Thomas University in 1993…that was a few moons ago. She was in my wedding, she’s an incredible person & friend, and truly knows everything about me (and is STILL my friend :D) haha…

I guess this post ended up being more about friendships….be true to yourself, and stay true to your friends.

Life is short, enjoy the little things in life…they are what matter! 

How do you show your friends you care about them?


2 comments on “Impeding storm & friends

  1. Hey Stacy,

    First the weather, we were all ready to go into summer, wearing flip flops and all and suddenly there is this chilling wind here today 😦

    About friends, me and my best friend from school now live in the same block 😉 Coincidences you see! But yes, friends have been with us for everything, they have seen us as teenagers with acne and heart breaks and they have seen us struggle through college and they are there when we just want to talk bad about our bosses! Being nice to them is probably the only requirement you need to keep them your friends for life! 😉

    • Oh – it sounds like it’s the little reminder for being happy with the weather 🙂 Seems no matter what…as soon as we get ‘comfy’ with the weather…it changes 😀

      You are so right…just being yourself is all that’s needed to maintain true friendships. It’s important isn’t it? We come to realize who the ‘real’ friend are versus those people we get to know and relate to only for a short time. But I do think all these people are key and important in our lives…they help guide us to our destiny (or the future, or to learn something about ourselves)…

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