Meal Planning

I used to plan meals;  I would actually look forward to trying new meals and recipes. 

Unfortunately, that fell to the wayside a few years ago…life changes, busy schedule…all sorts of reasons (or excuses). However I’ve really missed it. I don’t like the ‘by the seat of your pants’ sort of meals rut that I’ve allowed myself to get into. It generally means that it’s never overly healthy or tasty.  :S

 I’ve decided I’m getting back on my meal planning bandwagon.

 I have a good friend who talks about the amazing meals that she makes. I mean, she makes me want to marry her for her cooking skills.J  Angela is a kitchen person. She has all the gadgets (and knows how/when to use them and she DOES use them)…the meals she talks about are incredible. She’s an inspiration.
Now perhaps my blog will also start to include some recipes, meals, etc.  I’m not sure – – I did warn you that I didn’t know what direction this blog would take. Haha.  Perhaps we can even share.

I am a boring menu planner :  make a list of evenings, look for things I want to try, and list them…I used to always ‘plan’ an eating out night (I enjoy dining in restaurants), and now have decided to include a ‘free’ night, as I know my daughters love to do their own thing once in awhile.

How do you plan your meals? Do you ‘wing-it’, and make the best of it?

Are you talented enough to have enough groceries and menus in your house/head to create magnificent meals on a moment’s notice?


6 comments on “Meal Planning

  1. I’m definitely a meal planner. I find it helps make weekday nights more relaxing (no last minute trip to the grocery store), reminds me to try out new recipes (lately I’ve been on a roll and trying one or two new recipes per week), and reduces food waste (I only buy what I need for the week).

    I’m not extremely rigid though and if something comes up or we don’t feel like eating whatever was planned, I’ll switch things around. I also freeze a lot of sauces, soups, burritos etc.. for quick last-minute meals.

    I like your idea of leaving one free night so your daughters can do their own thing too.

    • I have to say Marcelle, I’m not surprised at your meal planning 🙂 that is awesome. A planner at heart you are certainly! I love that you are trying out weekly new recipes, isn’t it great? I really used to enjoy that, and am looking forward to it again. Reducing the food waste is a huge benefit, never saddens me more than to through out produce. It’s too expensive, and feels wrong to have to through it out. I really want to get a small deep freezer so I can do more cook ahead meals. Do you do many things in a crock-pot? I have one, but barely use it (mostly use it for meatballs, etc>) haha.

      The girls love their ‘free’ night (me too)…and sometimes they will want to choose the dinner that night…thankfully they are older now, so no KD, etc 🙂 hehe

  2. I ain’t a meal planner. I just end up cooking something that adjusts my time and my availability of things in the fridge. I am pretty bad that way. I always feel I should be keeping a check in terms of what I am taking in but somehow I never get around to it!

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