Happy ‘Love’ Day!

It’s today.

Movies have been made about it, some single people say they dread it, some men say they hate it; some women go dreamy about it.  Valentine’s Day. February 14th. The day of love, the colour red, chocolate and fine dining…

Another commercialized gimmick…but who cares. Buy into it or not…it’s your choice.  But I’ll be honest, it sure was nice being surprised by my husband with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a ‘Will you be my Valentine!’…it makes a girl feel special.  🙂

Yes we should be and {mostly} are appreciated daily in our love lives…but it’s really nice to be made to feel extra special.   Even the men in our lives appreciate being spoiled…


Whether you agree or not – I know that there are many people who ‘celebrate’ the giving on Valentine’s.  My youngest was thrilled to give her ‘boyfriend’ a little stuffie (stuffed tiger)…she couldn’t wait to go to school today. While my oldest was exchanging special Valentine Day treats with her ‘bestie’.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with the sentimental ‘love is in the air’…

Did you enjoy the day of love? With a romantic partner, or your child, or someone else you care about? I hope so.


4 comments on “Happy ‘Love’ Day!

  1. Hi Stacey,
    My hubby and I celebrated Valentines Day by taking most of the day off and doing all kinds of fun activities. It’s a commercialized holiday, as you say, but it’s hard not to get caught up in it, isn’t it? I think my own twist on it is to extend it all the way to my Birthday (which I’ve also decided to make a week long 😉 Who says we need to “stop” just because it’s February 15th?

    • This is awesome Lori – simply the best way…sitting back, taking a break from the daily craziness (especially where you have home businesses), and you enjoy one another.
      That is what it should be able anyway, shouldn’t it. That is awesome! I’m happy to hear this, and so glad that you enjoyed your day together. You’re right – WHY does it have to stop…
      hehe – a week long celebration of love is fabulous idea! thank you!

  2. I was single this year and just took my mom out for her dental appointment …. but at least I got to spend it with someone special! 🙂

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