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a new taste…

When Kyle came climbing with us last week, we got to talking about coffee. He admits to being a bit of a coffee connoisseur, as is Greg. I however, am relatively new to the whole coffee addiction thing (more on this in a later post). 

While we were talking, Greg & I were boasting about the amazing coffee we get from Jonathan Westphal (Beemer’s Coffee in Hampton). Jonathan gets his raw beans from South America, and roasts them himself in a shed on his property. They are delicious! 

Kyle told us about the coffee that he actually gets sent to him from his hometown of Nelson, BC. 

“Oso Negro”…an organically grown, fair traded dark roast from Central America.


Yesterday Kyle brought some up with him when he came to go climbing. We tried some this morning!



Very smooth with a deep, rich flavour. Made me want to make another cup! 🙂  but I was a good girl and resisted temptation…


The name of the company is intriguing; they explain their name on the packaging. ‘Oso Negro’ means Black Bear in Spanish. They use this foreign name to help remind people how far coffee travels to get to us.  I like that.


How do you like your coffee? Do you enjoy finding out the history behind what you eat/drink…the cultural aspects of it?

Are you a connoisseur of a anything in particular…coffee, wine.??


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