Goodnight Moon

Do you have a favourite book that you used to read as a child, or that your parent read to you?

I LOVE the book:  Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.


I used to read this to my daughters when they were little.  It’s a great little story, and even though it all happens in one room, there are many things that to observe.

I remember reading it and always being sure to take the time to go through the images on the page, to help them recognize and see what was happening, through the words I was reading.  I mean just look at all the little things on this page. 


(Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodnight_Moon it tells you some of the things to bring to the child’s attention).

They loved it, and it quickly became a favourite book for us to read.  I {almost} look forward to someday reading it to my grandchildren.   I’ve saved it away with some other favourite books I used with my girls.

Recently I was at Chapters, and on an end display was this colourful book:  ‘Goodnight Ipad’.

It’s ‘a Parody for the next generation’ (says Amazon). 

I skimmed through the book while I was at Chapters. It’s cute and quite fitting for those of you who have children or young people around you of the latest generation. How many of us have had to deal with this scenario:

And perhaps we aren’t taking away the ‘ipad’ as Momma is here, in my house it may be the e-reader, ipod or phone…or even the latest paperback novel they are reading. After all…when you’re doing something fun…don’t we all just want a little more time to do it? 🙂


I love the dedication to the book…hehe – are you hopelessly plugged in?

What do you love to get a few more minutes of doing?

Personally I’ll push myself for those last few pages of the chapter of my book at bedtime, or to run the extra 5 minutes…I think it’s good we push ourselves sometimes…will you push yourself today, this week…this year?


2 comments on “Goodnight Moon

  1. Goodnight iPad? What are we coming to? But it makes sense that children’s literature needs to be current to speak to today’s children, I think. Maybe it will be through this medium that we can teach the children of today the value in unplugging. It’s a strange new age and a challenge for parents. Having good books to help educate a child will be more valuable than ever. Can you see it – parenting aids in the form of colorful intelligent books!

    • Haha – I know eh Lori? Crazy. I had to do a double take when I saw it at the store! But once I got over my shock, and looked through, I realized how necessary it is. You’re right…needing to be relevant to the times and the kids we’re talking to.

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