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The difference a week in March can make

 WOW – we had some amazing weather last week. Hard to believe that last Wednesday I was climbing in a tank top {and getting a sunburn}, and this Wednesday, I had to hike in 3 layers because it was -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit) with the windchill! I wasn’t working today…so I wanted to get outside […]

July temps in March~!

Well this week has been crazy! Wednesday and Thursday had record high temperatures…it was in the 20s Celsius (90s Fahrenheit). We climbed some sport at Kingston Crag on Tuesday, and then climbed at Cochrane Lane on Wednesday…the weather was amazing! I was climbing in a tank top! I even got some leading in! I LOVED […]

Insanely Amazing!

Really, there is so much to be thankful for, I’m not sure why any of us spend even ONE minute complaining about trivial things. Friday was a calling for mediocre weather. GORGEOUS weather for Ice Climbing, still a bit chilly for rock climbing.  A good friend, Chris, had posted on his facebook that he was […]

will I be a 5.10 trad climber?

And for the first time, I felt like I was a CLIMBER! That I really COULD lead this 5.8 (Excellent Smithers) and even the 5.10b (sticky Fingers). Wow – had I really come this far? Was I really someone who would be able to call herself a 5.10 female trad climber. Let’s back up a […]

welcome HOME!

We had a full trip planned…and what a great time. I have debated whether I will blog about each individual day or the ‘trip’ as a whole. I think I’ll probably just go in spurts 🙂 We spent some time at Whole Foods. It’s an incredible grocery store, and I’m super jealous of Western Americans […]

Fourth times a charm :)

This is my fourth time traveling to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, and I was actually MORE excited on this trip than others. The reason for this, is because I know all that Vegas holds for me. Ironically, it’s not your typical gambling, lights and the ‘strip’.  Oh I’m sure we’ll take an evening and […]