Fourth times a charm :)

This is my fourth time traveling to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, and I was actually MORE excited on this trip than others. The reason for this, is because I know all that Vegas holds for me.

Ironically, it’s not your typical gambling, lights and the ‘strip’.  Oh I’m sure we’ll take an evening and go see what is up & about in downtown Vegas. But I am going there to CLIMB!  I haven’t been rock-climbing since December, and I’m in major withdrawal. I have been so looking forward to this trip!

Here we are on our FIRST trip to Vegas…2009….man, was I GREEN about climbing! Haha


I would love to have another trip like that first one. I think of all the climbing I missed out on…some sweet lines!  I miss having Rosie & Erick not on the climbing scene now 😦  They’ve been busy with building a house, getting married, hunting, riding…maybe they’ll come back to climbing soon.

We are getting spoiled on this RR trip. We flew from our home city of Moncton. In the past we’ve driven to Boston, Massachusetts, an 8 hour drive to save a LOT of money on tickets.  I had a credit this year that I had to use with Continental/United…so out of Moncton we went. I LOVED it.  Though not sure I truly appreciated the 321AM wake-up call.  Haha

The sunrise was incredible!

It was really nice to arrive mid-day, and not have to be racing around in the dark. We had a bit of an issue finding our condo (the address we were given was in Colorado 😀 hehe)…LONG story…but a funny one. 

We met up with Lucas, Kristy & Ian for a delicious late dinner at Macayo’s on Sahara & Cimarron….DELICIOUS!  I could live on their salsa & chips!

How do you look forward to your vacation trips? Is every one a new adventure, or do you return to a special place often?


2 comments on “Fourth times a charm :)

  1. I haven’t had a vacation in a long time! But this just reminded me what I am missing! The pictures are lovely!

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