welcome HOME!

We had a full trip planned…and what a great time. I have debated whether I will blog about each individual day or the ‘trip’ as a whole. I think I’ll probably just go in spurts 🙂

We spent some time at Whole Foods. It’s an incredible grocery store, and I’m super jealous of Western Americans for having access to such an amazing store. Organic, Non-GMO groceries!  We always shop here when we’re nearby.

My morning breakfast:   delicious!!!


 We made daily AM pit-stops at a nearby coffee shop..gave us a chance to check in online with the kids, and get the java required for a day of sandstone sending 🙂


Our first climbing day we enjoyed a couple of shorter climbs off our tick list: 

Ragged Edges (190’): a two pitch, ‘classic’.  Yoinks! It sure showed me that I have NOT been practicing my hand jams this winter!  With a smooth varnished hand crack, it was quite a ‘welcome’ to Red Rocks climb 🙂


The Ledger (220’): a three pitch climb, in the SUN!  Greg and I decided to swap leads on this one. I haven’t been on the sharp end (for trad climbing) since early autumn. It sure felt nice to tie in. An easy pitch, a great welcome home for me and the sharp end 🙂

 The second pitch was incredible! I really LOVED the upper section.


 I started up for the third pitch…I could only see the bottom 40 feet or so…unfortunately, once I got to the position to see the rest of the pitch…I was super intimated. I tried a couple of times, but kept down-climbing to my last piece.

This was my opportunity to ‘trust’ my gear…and I did so … by LOWERING 😉

I know myself, and just don’t want to get wigged out, especially this early in the season. Greg took off…and let me tell you – ME lowering off was my best decision of the trip! The upper section was tricky with gear placement and movement! I was sooo happy that I choose what I did.


We met the cough’in Big Horn at the top – he was super ‘chill’, and totally non-chalent that we were nearby!

A bit of a challenge on the descent, {I was stressed out}…we were lucky to be doing it in the daylight! 

What an incredible first day in Vegas baby!


6 comments on “welcome HOME!

  1. The breakfast looks lovely! The pictures are a little scary for a non climber like me!

  2. Stacey… personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with backing off when you’re head isn’t in the game. If you’re head’s not there, your feet probably won’t be either.

    Trip looks great. Cheers.

    • Thanks Chris, You’re right, and actually I was proud of myself for backing off (and posting about it). No shame in being smart I don’t think.

      The upper section made me thankful I’d backed off for sure!

  3. Great pictures Stacey! I agree with Chris, nothing wrong with backing off, especially on your first lead of the season.

    Looking forward to reading more posts on the trip.

    • thanks chica…I was content with my decision and still have no regrets.

      I definitely want to push myself this year more, but don’t want to mess up and frig with my lead head (especially so early in the season).

      We should get some girl time in for a climbing trip!


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