Insanely Amazing!

Really, there is so much to be thankful for, I’m not sure why any of us spend even ONE minute complaining about trivial things.

Friday was a calling for mediocre weather. GORGEOUS weather for Ice Climbing, still a bit chilly for rock climbing.  A good friend, Chris, had posted on his facebook that he was looking for a partner to get out to climb Ice on Friday at the Parlee Brook Amphitheatre. I thought this may be one of my last chances to get out ice climbing this season, so I chimed in immediately. Sweet – I was going climbing at Parlee!!

It was incredible! Greg was able to join us too, so the three of us heading in for the hike in brilliant sunshine…quickly making us shed layers. I LOVE the strength of the spring sun!  The sun glistening off the snow made for some incredible photo opportunities.

Chris’ last check for his 2011-2012 Ice Season was to lead Patrick’s Choice…so we headed there first. Nice Lead Chris!


We were excited and happy about climbing some ice in the sunshine, so Greg led up Three Amigos in a single pitch…

Chris made the comment, about how social it is to climb in a party of three…and be two climbers climbing side by each (especially with ice climbing). He’s right…it makes for a super fun climbing day!


Technically in the whole ‘whose turn to lead is it’, it was mine, and I was asked if I wanted to lead…but I declined. I made my goal of ‘leading’ ice this year – two climbs to be exact—and I’m happy with that. I didn’t need, nor want to push it 🙂

So default goes to Chris’…and he is stepping it up…Yellow Pillar WI4.   Sweet!! The crux moves are right off the ground, but he sails it and does awesome!


Here is a picture that Chris took of Greg & I, as we seconded him on Yellow Pillar!

Check out his blog at:  http://oppositeandopposed.blogspot.ca/

The ravine looks incredible from the top of the climb and from the entrance of the amphitheatre


Well, these THREE AMIGOS, had an incredibly awesome end of season ice climbing day!  Arr, Arr Matie!

When the season of something ends for you – do you celebrate with something special?


2 comments on “Insanely Amazing!

  1. Aw – it’s OVER!? I imagine it must be hard for you to see spring coming, loving ice climbing as much as you do! But you do other kinds of climbing as well, don’t you? So the end of one thing is merely the beginning of another.
    I have to say, I rarely celebrate endings. I celebrate beginnings and achievements etc. You’ve got me thinking about celebrating the end of something special now. 😮

    • Yes lori, it is bittersweet to see it ending…as usually by the end of the ice climbing season I feel really strong, and am ready to lead (which I did this year)…however, I do prefer rock season….so sometimes I am happy …. hehe – yup – the ‘bittersweetness’ of it.

      Sometimes that celebration of the end of something makes way for the beginning of something new 🙂


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