July temps in March~!

Well this week has been crazy! Wednesday and Thursday had record high temperatures…it was in the 20s Celsius (90s Fahrenheit).

We climbed some sport at Kingston Crag on Tuesday, and then climbed at Cochrane Lane on Wednesday…the weather was amazing! I was climbing in a tank top! I even got some leading in! I LOVED it!!! Even got some scratches on my new rack!  

We started off with some nice easy fun stuff (okay the whole day was like this 🙂 hehe)




The day was so incredible, that I felt guilty! I wanted to share it with my daughters…sooooo…I decided that taking a MARCH day off of school to spend it outdoors doing something as a family was more important than staying cooped up in the classroom. Thursday, I called the girls ‘safe-arrival’ line, letting their teachers know they would NOT be attending school that day :), and we headed out to spend the day in our very own Welsford National Park…back to Cochrane Lane!

The girls were amazing, each carried a rope (as I had the rack), and enjoyed the hike up to the cliff.


We decided we’d start up probably one of the first routes in Welsford, Kit Kat – – old school 5.3…fun times!



The girls did awesome. Megan tied into the middle of one of the double ropes, and I belayed her up. Once she was secured, I belayed Greg & Emily up. It allowed Greg to climb behind/beside Emily and give her some extra moral support.  Greg & Emmy walked down, whilst Meg and I rapped…

Emily enjoyed getting some shade in the Gollum’s Cave!

After lunch, we did the same thing with Reindeer land…It was a LOT of fun!  




The girls wanted some time to ‘read’ (their sequels to The Hunger Games)…so we headed to Joe’s Garage. Think Pure Thoughts (5.8+) is a fun climb!


Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed their novels 🙂

Shawn was there working out the moves on Perfect, a 5.12b!

We enjoyed an incredible day!  I was so pleased I took the opportunity to have the girls outside all day, instead of a stuffy classroom!

How about you? What do you do to enjoy a rare unseasonably warm day in March!?


4 comments on “July temps in March~!

  1. You call 20 warm… surprising how the world works in mysterious ways! We just had 28 C in March and we called that cold. I live in a considerably hotter place and used to living in warm temperatures. We find it very difficult when “winters” come and believe me 14 C is winter here!

    • hehe – isn’t it awesome to see the relativity to what one feels as hot/cold to another…
      Reminds me of Lori’s blog on being an over-medicated society…some people go for the easy fix whilst other try to figure out the actualy problem…
      Everyone feels/ tolerates things at different levels..and it’s what you’ve/we’ve been socialized to do!

  2. Hi Stacey,
    How nice that you could enjoy a day of climbing with the girls! I admire you for calling them in absent and taking the classroom out doors. They seemed to be enjoying themselves! 🙂

    • Thanks Lori, I’m very pleased (especially given the weather this week) that I did indeed take the opportunity to get them outside…they get many, many days in the stuffy classroom! 🙂

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