The difference a week in March can make

 WOW – we had some amazing weather last week.

Hard to believe that last Wednesday I was climbing in a tank top {and getting a sunburn}, and this Wednesday, I had to hike in 3 layers because it was -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit) with the windchill!

I wasn’t working today…so I wanted to get outside for some hiking.

I decided it was a good time to go check on the ‘ice’ and see how it fared with all the warm temps. I headed into the Parlee Brook Ampitheatre (check out the post “ Insanely Amazing” on the awesome day of ice climbing we had)…

Well, what a surprise…the hike in was uneventful (and quite pleasant without a backpack full of ice climbing gear)…

…very little snow on the Arnold Hollow Road….

finally saw a bit of ice/snow by the little pond…

Here is the Cabin with HullHolmes in the background:


A little ice/snow left in the bottom ravine…


… some neat ice forming…

Patrick’s Choice has ‘survived’…probably because of the early AM sun, and the day in the shade…

However Three Amigos couldn’t say the same thing:


The back wall was thick in spots…


However Yellow Pillar is toast:

I really enjoyed my hike today – it was wonderful to be outside…and to be honest, I was plenty warm with my layers and without a big down puffy! It’s still March and though Spring is here…she’s reminding us that she’s not going to let Summer have us all too soon!


6 comments on “The difference a week in March can make

  1. nice post. Sometime I’ll visit it in the summer…

  2. Even with the warm weather I thought there would have been more ice. Wanna climb Pat’s Choice again 😉

  3. I love it, thanks for sharing. Makes me miss NB!

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