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Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

    I grew up playing with Barbies and they always found their Prince Ken and lived happily ever after. I was guilty as a teenager, when I’d watch a love story and I thought maybe that ‘type’ of soap opera love story existed. Sometimes it’s a hard blow in reality when the thoughts we […]

Field Trip Fun!

I LOVE being home all the time….well…sort of ‘home all the time’. I guess with starting up our new company this year and supply teaching here and there, I’m NOT really home all the time…BUT being on this year’s leave of absence from my High School teaching position has allowed me a lot of freedom…today […]

Easter Weekend!

What a great weekend of celebration! Friday was my birthday! It was a great day…I’m not a big birthday celebrator…but having children means that indeed I ‘celebrate’ my birthday…regardless 🙂 hehe…  The girls & Greg spoiled me as always…it was awesome! I LOVE the Willow Tree angel the girls bought me:   …a tree, a prayer: May you […]