Easter Weekend!

What a great weekend of celebration!

Friday was my birthday! It was a great day…I’m not a big birthday celebrator…but having children means that indeed I ‘celebrate’ my birthday…regardless 🙂 hehe…  The girls & Greg spoiled me as always…it was awesome!

I LOVE the Willow Tree angel the girls bought me:


…a tree, a prayer: May you find strength, beauty and peace each day!

This is a beautiful affirmation for every morning!

The meteorologists had ‘promised’ us a Saturday of mild weather and sun…So Greg, Mike and I headed off to our favourite cliffs in Welsford … Cochrane Lane.

And though the sun poked his brilliant head out momentarily, I climbed all routes in my thin synthetic puffy…


and we only saw 2 other pairs of climbers (most were traveling to Rumney orAcadia for their own long weekend adventures)…

Of course a Welsford Climbing day, must end in day of wood-fired pizza (Pomodori) and gelato. 🙂

 Sunday…this is our first year without an easter egg hunt…mostly because LITERALLY, I have eggs on my counter from LAST year. My girls like candy….but…,.so this year, they got a few choice treats…they were much happier!


I even baked a ham, veggies, potatoes and a scalloped potato…delicious!   Though I mis-judged on the ham size…and we’ll be having ham for a few days {read weeks} to come 😉 hehe

Birthday Boy’s time..,yup….Hubby’s birthday was Monday…another day of celebration…some indoor climbing, and a special dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant (AsianGarden)…I have to say…the complimentary birthday dessert of Mango Kulfi (homemade ice cream, sliced) and Gulab Jamun (a dumpling type bread with a sweet sauce) … was INCREDIBLE. I can’t believe I didn’t think to photograph it! {my apologies}…I’ll go back soon (this week?) to get pictures!!!

What a perfect end to an incredible weekend!


2 comments on “Easter Weekend!

  1. What a great weekend Stacey! and Happy Birthday! It’s neat that you and Greg have your birthday so close to each other.

    I’ve never been to Pomodori, but everytime you mention it I get hungry 🙂 Where is it?

    • Thanks Marcelle…yes, it’s cool with Greg & I…and with the girls, their birthdays are two weeks apart in December!

      Pomodori is amazing, it’s in Rothesay…the next time you are down to your parents, you should go check it out! You’d love it!!!

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