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Field Trip Fun!

I LOVE being home all the time….well…sort of ‘home all the time’.

I guess with starting up our new company this year and supply teaching here and there, I’m NOT really home all the time…BUT being on this year’s leave of absence from my High School teaching position has allowed me a lot of freedom…today I was really excited to go along on Emily’s class field trip to the Turtle Creek Water shed & Sugar bush.

What a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves.

We introduced two of Emily’s male teachers, Marc & Nick to the new boy band One Direction’s hit song “What makes you beautiful”.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E&ob=av2e  as we sang it to them on the bus ride there.

Even I have to admit that I like this song…it’s catchy and makes me smile!!

There was a lot of great information the kids learned with the educational tour.  We started with a talk and identifying a variety of pelts. It was neat, as I grew up trapping with my grandfather.

John giving us the spiel on the variety of native animal {pelts}

Emily LOVED the Fischer!

Marc being a ‘beaver’/// the blue hat really sets it off 🙂

Hanging with my Emily & her friends

Never leave the teachers alone with the pelts! Hehe…we had to have some fun!

The willow…a definite sign of spring!

Our community watershed…where though the government has said NO to Shale-Gas fracking IN the watershed itself, they have yet to say NO to fracking in the surrounding area. :S

 Heather explaining how we get the syrup from the maple trees…

We even got to try pure sap (a bit like sugar water), real maple syrup, and taffy on the snow!  Yum!


I really enjoyed my day with Emily’s class!

I started the day with second cup coffee treats for her teachers…very well deserved…and it warmed us up for the cold weather!  

If you get a chance…spend a day with kids…they remind us how to really enjoy the simple things!!!


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