Do you believe in Fairy Tales?



I grew up playing with Barbies and they always found their Prince Ken and lived happily ever after.

I was guilty as a teenager, when I’d watch a love story and I thought maybe that ‘type’ of soap opera love story existed.

Sometimes it’s a hard blow in reality when the thoughts we had as a young person get blown up. 

Perhaps I should have watched more of Married with Children or Rosanne…to see more of the reality of relationships and love.

My life has shown me that life is not a fairy tale.  Fairy tales are fiction. 

So how can we have a positive belief in ‘fairy tales’ without falling into the trap of expecting those fairy tales to become reality? IS there a potential of healthy balance?

Do you believe in fairy tales?!

2 comments on “Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

  1. Hi Stacey,
    We all believed in fairy tales as children! Maybe they weren’t the best stories chosen to read to children, but that’s the way it was. I’m with you that life is not a fairy tale, but I believe it is a story. Maybe we learned some good things from fairy tales; things change, people can effect change, life gets better.
    The fairy tales that have come out more recently, Moulon, Aladdin had more positive, empowering messages. I love those two.
    In my way of thinking, seeing my life as a story helps me to craft it, become aware of it, and enjoy it. Who knows; maybe I learned that from fairy tales.

    • Lori, Thank you for a great reply. I love what you said about ‘crafting’ your own life! That is an excellent way of viewing this. And the most important part of the journey of awareness is to certainly enjoy it!

      You’re right, I think fairy tales have their place, and we need a variety of things to create ‘balance’ in our lives!


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