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40 Days at Basecamp!

What a great documentary!  I have been saying to myself as of late, that I want to get out in my community more often…I want to DO other things…so to DO things that are new to me or within my community…I needed to find out about them.

We have a community paper that is called “HERE”:  http://herenb.canadaeast.com/  .

It tells you about events coming up, etc.  While I was getting my summer tires put on, I picked up my free copy…and was browsing through it, when the title ’40 days at Basecamp’ caught my eye.

Being a climber (and having a husband who intends to summit Everest)..this title jumped out at me.  AND it was playing in Moncton at our own Empress Theatre (a quaint gathering spot, as opposed to a huge venue).


I was pleasantly surprised when Greg said he’d like to attend with me! WOOHOO!  I posted it on my facebook status, hoping to generate interest (as Moncton so rarely has climbing ‘things’ like this)….our friend Mike decided to join us!

I am sooooo pleased that we went. It was a very good film. We even enjoyed a Q&A with the director Dianne Whelan afterwards.   http://www.40daysatbasecamp.com/?page_id=21

Her exploration and visual descriptions of Everest Base Camp really showed the viewer what it was like. She compared the ‘hub’ of base camp as a “Beehive without a Queen”, as there are no rules that regulate base camp per se.

In the 2010 season (April/May), there were 800 people at Everest Base Camp – – this is NOT a ‘camp’ as I think of it. It is more like a small village!  Our friend Mike, really put it into perspective…when Dianne’s film was showing us Camp 4, THAT was what we were expecting the ‘base camp’ to look like …

So step out and see something new in your community!  Support local!


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