Summer 2012

I seem to have dropped off the Blogosphere and I miss it.  😦

Lori at Life, For Instance (www.lifeforinstance.com) has had some amazing, thought provoking posts where my ‘journal’ blog pales in comparison…

hehe – it’s great to have a variety of blogs online…

Excuses, reasons…I could come up with many I am sure. We humanoids are good at ‘defending’ our actions {or lack of action}…so I won’t bother 🙂

Let’s just re-start!

It’s been an incredible summer. I’ve been blessed with road-tripping and meeting some amazing people. Shall I begin?

I’ve wanted to take my daughters to Niagara Falls for as long as I can remember – even when they were little, we’d talk about taking them when they were older.  Well, with Megan heading to high school this fall, the time was now.  Summer 2012 – Niagara Falls Vacation!!!

We were seeing major changes to our school district and the whole provincial education department as a whole…actually giving the students an extra day off for summer vacation…woohooo – -so we packed up early, and headed out:  June 22nd….


Second Cup is a joyful treat and with our drinks in hand…we were ready to go 🙂

Boston was our first stop and after a delicious pizza from Bertucci’s (just down the street from our hotel in Peabody)

pooltime for the girls     

and a great night sleep! (amidst a huge storm)….we were ready for …

The New England Aquarium.  And it was great – the girls thoroughly enjoyed  it. 



Sting Rays…

And some pretty cool jellyfish…

We shared a lot of “Finding Nemo” singing 🙂 it was awesome.

We were all excited about arriving in Niagara Falls

The falls were magnificent and we were all in awe!

We enjoyed ‘Nature’s Fury’

Journey behind the Falls


Maid of the Mist

And White Water Walk

and of course the Hershey store 🙂

We even enjoyed the drive together with plaza stops for espresso ice caps and lemonade…Ladies after my own heart 😀

I love my girls and really enjoyed our solo E-trip!  What an amazing place!

stay tuned for summer vacation 2012 blogging & pictures! 🙂


2 comments on “Summer 2012

  1. Aw – so nice Stacey! I’ve never been to Niagara Falls but I plan to go – maybe even next summer! How nice that you and your daughters had this trip and enjoyed your stops for ice caps and lemonade 😉
    Thanks for the mention. We’ve got to get working on your September post for LFI!

    • Thanks Lori – yes, Niagara Falls is a beautiful place indeed…I can’t wait to go back. Greg & Dom will love it too I’m sure. Looking forward to my guest post on LFI! I guess I’d better get writing 🙂


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