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Segment THREE

Greg left for his NOLS contract assignment on June 13…after a 15 hour drive from Canmore to Lander, Wyoming…I was very excited to see him on July 20th!

This is the NOLS, Rocky Mountain (RM) branch in Lander, Wyoming…This was NOT the day we arrived (it was much busier) … this is a quiet Sunday at the branch! 🙂

After a couple of rest days (in town), we (Zach, GH & I) were off to the Cirque of Towers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirque_of_the_Towers  in the Wind River Range.


An unexpected late start had us enjoy a camp night at Big Sandy.

Such a beautiful spot.

Arrival into the cirque was breath taking!  The landscape was stunning!  Camping at 10,000 feet

In the past, I’ve always taken Gingko Bilobo, to help prevent AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altitude_sickness )…let’s just say, I’ll never forget again! 😉

Wolf’s Head was our first objective, a beautiful line, it beckons us. A bit of a late start, and a snafu on the grassy ledges approach, made our timing both good & bad on the sidewalk pitch.  As the leader headed up,

the black clouds were ominous; we decided to see if any t-storms would materialize

sure enough, within 15 minutes we were engulfed

and the rain was beating down.

We took cover, as much as we could, but within an hour, it wasn’t letting up, our climbing day was over; we began our descent.

Within the next hour, sunny, blue skies…  we were dry by the time we returned to camp to make our dinner



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