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Segment TWO

I’m a very lucky woman. I have a number of dear friends and they live all over the world!

Onto the second ‘away from home’ Summer 2012 Vacation, taking me to Canmore, Alberta

I first visited Canmore in 2009 with a colleague of mine, as we toured around Banff & Jasper. I fell in love with the little mountain town, so I was very excited to have friends to go visit there.

Zach would be joining us on ‘segment three’ (Cirque of Towers, climbing), so it was a great spot to meet up (in Canmore).

A good friend, Ulysse, also lives in Canmore and I was lucky to spend most of my Canmore time relaxing and hanging out with him, as he was recovering from a broken ankle.

Little cafés for breakfast, 

great lattés and delicious dinners (at Ulysse’s & at the Iron Goat), simply added to our awesome climbing at Grassi Lakes

Definitely one of the highlights of the trip to Canmore, was meeting & chatting with amazing Ice Climber, Will Gadd { http://willgadd.com/category/blog/ } helping to organize, & plan his trip East this winter…


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