Segment FOUR – Summit of Pingora!

The adventure continued to be amazing!

Poor Zach was still suffering from AMS, to the point where he felt it best for him to take a rest day in camp.

Greg & I thought we’d go and do a short route (K-cracks) on  Pingora,

the huge peak to the right in the picture. Unfortunately, there was a college reunion (of like 12 people)…yes, I’m serious!!! 🙂

So we decided to do the first two pitches of the East Ledges, and then the last two pitches of the East Face.  It was great… the ole /5.2/ from the 1940s….more like 5.6 which was fun:


Once those ‘easy ‘ pitches were done, we switched to the last two pitches of the East Face (or so we thought), they were to be moderates 5.7/5.8…hmmm…NOT!

Greg was in heaven as he LOVES crack climbing…and I’d have enjoyed it more, however I’m not good at crack climbing on a healthy day…but with a broken left baby toe, it was even less enjoyable. Thankfully the required cranking foot was my right which was in fine shape…but let me tell you, these were NO 5.7 splitter cracks! Haha.


We still enjoyed the climbing, and felt like we had definitely worked our muscles for sure!

Here we are on the summit of Pingora, (11,884 feet)…


We had an amazing day, the weather was incredible…

Let’s just say that ‘third’ class alpine climbing is NOTHING like it is in New Brunswick!


5 comments on “Segment FOUR – Summit of Pingora!

  1. This is amazing Stacey! What beautiful scenery – and you CLIMB Girl! Where is Pingora?

    • Thanks Lori – it’s such a gorgeous place. Pingora is one of the mountains in the Cirque of Towers (in Wyoming). I LOVE living in NB…but have to admit…I miss having mountains nearby!

  2. Let me know if you are interested in contributing an article for the topic “A tryst with nature”
    Send me the link with a short bio of yours to ver.akanksha@gmail.com before Thursday, Aug16th

  3. Wow, Stacey! What an adventure! Beautiful.

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