Segment THREE

Greg left for his NOLS contract assignment on June 13…after a 15 hour drive from Canmore to Lander, Wyoming…I was very excited to see him on July 20th! This is the NOLS, Rocky Mountain (RM) branch in Lander, Wyoming…This was NOT the day we arrived (it was much busier) … this is a quiet Sunday […]

a rainy afternoon latté

an rainy afternoon latté.

a rainy afternoon latté

Lately, I’ve been taking the time, away from the house to get out and enjoy quiet time with a book, my computer and a good latté…generally I go to my stand-by…absolute favourite coffee shop (Second Cup)… It’s a great time for reflection, people watching and to concentrate on what I’m reading (which, right now is […]

40 Days at Basecamp!

What a great documentary!  I have been saying to myself as of late, that I want to get out in my community more often…I want to DO other things…so to DO things that are new to me or within my community…I needed to find out about them. We have a community paper that is called […]

Erotic Romance Novel

WOW…I don’t think I have ever read anything so intriguing before. It’s generally not my style of leisure reading. Generally I stick with self-help books like… The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin or health conscious books like… Wheat Belly by William Davis However a few girlfriends had been recommending this novel for me to […]

Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

    I grew up playing with Barbies and they always found their Prince Ken and lived happily ever after. I was guilty as a teenager, when I’d watch a love story and I thought maybe that ‘type’ of soap opera love story existed. Sometimes it’s a hard blow in reality when the thoughts we […]

Field Trip Fun!

I LOVE being home all the time….well…sort of ‘home all the time’. I guess with starting up our new company this year and supply teaching here and there, I’m NOT really home all the time…BUT being on this year’s leave of absence from my High School teaching position has allowed me a lot of freedom…today […]