Ice Climbing

Segment TWO

I’m a very lucky woman. I have a number of dear friends and they live all over the world! Onto the second ‘away from home’ Summer 2012 Vacation, taking me to Canmore, Alberta I first visited Canmore in 2009 with a colleague of mine, as we toured around Banff & Jasper. I fell in love […]

Insanely Amazing!

Really, there is so much to be thankful for, I’m not sure why any of us spend even ONE minute complaining about trivial things. Friday was a calling for mediocre weather. GORGEOUS weather for Ice Climbing, still a bit chilly for rock climbing.  A good friend, Chris, had posted on his facebook that he was […]

February 2012

I am a very lucky person. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am. To get a little philosophical…we need to step back and ‘smell the roses’. ENJOY what we have; instead of yearning for what we don’t have or what we think we want… I just got to spend another spectacular weekend with a […]

A new climbing friend…

Climbers are really an incredible bunch of people. I’ve not met many that I didn’t like immediately. We are generally a quirky bunch…but hey – who cares. We MUST be quirky, if we get our jollies from going up and down a rope on rocks and ice. 🙂  I mean really – – it IS a […]

An Ice Climbing trip away…right in our backyard :D

What an amazing weekend. Friday started off this weekend as an ice-climbing ‘trip’ at home. We spent a couple of hours at Hillsborough for some ice. That area has seen some high tides recently – causing the bottoms of the climbs to be gone. Thankfully the ice came down far enough for us to still […]

Best Ice Climbing day of 2012 :)

This past weekend was probably one of my most favourite days this season for climbing ice. We headed to Mount Misery… but don’t let the name fool you…it was an incredible day of climbing.  There were a lot of us there (given the small amount of ice climbers in New Brunswick)…it was like our own mini-ice […]