Erotic Romance Novel

WOW…I don’t think I have ever read anything so intriguing before. It’s generally not my style of leisure reading. Generally I stick with self-help books like…

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin


or health conscious books like…

Wheat Belly by William Davis


However a few girlfriends had been recommending this novel for me to read…so off I went to Amazon…and a week later the trilogy was here.

I immediately started reading (putting aside my happiness project book that I had previously been enthralled in)…and read Fifty Shades of Grey in 2 days!

Wow….have you ever been blown away from a book you never thought you’d enjoy!?


Do you believe in Fairy Tales?



I grew up playing with Barbies and they always found their Prince Ken and lived happily ever after.

I was guilty as a teenager, when I’d watch a love story and I thought maybe that ‘type’ of soap opera love story existed.

Sometimes it’s a hard blow in reality when the thoughts we had as a young person get blown up. 

Perhaps I should have watched more of Married with Children or Rosanne…to see more of the reality of relationships and love.

My life has shown me that life is not a fairy tale.  Fairy tales are fiction. 

So how can we have a positive belief in ‘fairy tales’ without falling into the trap of expecting those fairy tales to become reality? IS there a potential of healthy balance?

Do you believe in fairy tales?!
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Field Trip Fun!

I LOVE being home all the time….well…sort of ‘home all the time’.

I guess with starting up our new company this year and supply teaching here and there, I’m NOT really home all the time…BUT being on this year’s leave of absence from my High School teaching position has allowed me a lot of freedom…today I was really excited to go along on Emily’s class field trip to the Turtle Creek Water shed & Sugar bush.

What a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves.

We introduced two of Emily’s male teachers, Marc & Nick to the new boy band One Direction’s hit song “What makes you beautiful”.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E&ob=av2e  as we sang it to them on the bus ride there.

Even I have to admit that I like this song…it’s catchy and makes me smile!!

There was a lot of great information the kids learned with the educational tour.  We started with a talk and identifying a variety of pelts. It was neat, as I grew up trapping with my grandfather.

John giving us the spiel on the variety of native animal {pelts}

Emily LOVED the Fischer!

Marc being a ‘beaver’/// the blue hat really sets it off 🙂

Hanging with my Emily & her friends

Never leave the teachers alone with the pelts! Hehe…we had to have some fun!

The willow…a definite sign of spring!

Our community watershed…where though the government has said NO to Shale-Gas fracking IN the watershed itself, they have yet to say NO to fracking in the surrounding area. :S

 Heather explaining how we get the syrup from the maple trees…

We even got to try pure sap (a bit like sugar water), real maple syrup, and taffy on the snow!  Yum!


I really enjoyed my day with Emily’s class!

I started the day with second cup coffee treats for her teachers…very well deserved…and it warmed us up for the cold weather!  

If you get a chance…spend a day with kids…they remind us how to really enjoy the simple things!!!


Easter Weekend!

What a great weekend of celebration!

Friday was my birthday! It was a great day…I’m not a big birthday celebrator…but having children means that indeed I ‘celebrate’ my birthday…regardless 🙂 hehe…  The girls & Greg spoiled me as always…it was awesome!

I LOVE the Willow Tree angel the girls bought me:


…a tree, a prayer: May you find strength, beauty and peace each day!

This is a beautiful affirmation for every morning!

The meteorologists had ‘promised’ us a Saturday of mild weather and sun…So Greg, Mike and I headed off to our favourite cliffs in Welsford … Cochrane Lane.

And though the sun poked his brilliant head out momentarily, I climbed all routes in my thin synthetic puffy…


and we only saw 2 other pairs of climbers (most were traveling to Rumney orAcadia for their own long weekend adventures)…

Of course a Welsford Climbing day, must end in day of wood-fired pizza (Pomodori) and gelato. 🙂

 Sunday…this is our first year without an easter egg hunt…mostly because LITERALLY, I have eggs on my counter from LAST year. My girls like candy….but…,.so this year, they got a few choice treats…they were much happier!


I even baked a ham, veggies, potatoes and a scalloped potato…delicious!   Though I mis-judged on the ham size…and we’ll be having ham for a few days {read weeks} to come 😉 hehe

Birthday Boy’s time..,yup….Hubby’s birthday was Monday…another day of celebration…some indoor climbing, and a special dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant (AsianGarden)…I have to say…the complimentary birthday dessert of Mango Kulfi (homemade ice cream, sliced) and Gulab Jamun (a dumpling type bread with a sweet sauce) … was INCREDIBLE. I can’t believe I didn’t think to photograph it! {my apologies}…I’ll go back soon (this week?) to get pictures!!!

What a perfect end to an incredible weekend!


The difference a week in March can make

 WOW – we had some amazing weather last week.

Hard to believe that last Wednesday I was climbing in a tank top {and getting a sunburn}, and this Wednesday, I had to hike in 3 layers because it was -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit) with the windchill!

I wasn’t working today…so I wanted to get outside for some hiking.

I decided it was a good time to go check on the ‘ice’ and see how it fared with all the warm temps. I headed into the Parlee Brook Ampitheatre (check out the post “ Insanely Amazing” on the awesome day of ice climbing we had)…

Well, what a surprise…the hike in was uneventful (and quite pleasant without a backpack full of ice climbing gear)…

…very little snow on the Arnold Hollow Road….

finally saw a bit of ice/snow by the little pond…

Here is the Cabin with HullHolmes in the background:


A little ice/snow left in the bottom ravine…


… some neat ice forming…

Patrick’s Choice has ‘survived’…probably because of the early AM sun, and the day in the shade…

However Three Amigos couldn’t say the same thing:


The back wall was thick in spots…


However Yellow Pillar is toast:

I really enjoyed my hike today – it was wonderful to be outside…and to be honest, I was plenty warm with my layers and without a big down puffy! It’s still March and though Spring is here…she’s reminding us that she’s not going to let Summer have us all too soon!


July temps in March~!

Well this week has been crazy! Wednesday and Thursday had record high temperatures…it was in the 20s Celsius (90s Fahrenheit).

We climbed some sport at Kingston Crag on Tuesday, and then climbed at Cochrane Lane on Wednesday…the weather was amazing! I was climbing in a tank top! I even got some leading in! I LOVED it!!! Even got some scratches on my new rack!  

We started off with some nice easy fun stuff (okay the whole day was like this 🙂 hehe)




The day was so incredible, that I felt guilty! I wanted to share it with my daughters…sooooo…I decided that taking a MARCH day off of school to spend it outdoors doing something as a family was more important than staying cooped up in the classroom. Thursday, I called the girls ‘safe-arrival’ line, letting their teachers know they would NOT be attending school that day :), and we headed out to spend the day in our very own Welsford National Park…back to Cochrane Lane!

The girls were amazing, each carried a rope (as I had the rack), and enjoyed the hike up to the cliff.


We decided we’d start up probably one of the first routes in Welsford, Kit Kat – – old school 5.3…fun times!



The girls did awesome. Megan tied into the middle of one of the double ropes, and I belayed her up. Once she was secured, I belayed Greg & Emily up. It allowed Greg to climb behind/beside Emily and give her some extra moral support.  Greg & Emmy walked down, whilst Meg and I rapped…

Emily enjoyed getting some shade in the Gollum’s Cave!

After lunch, we did the same thing with Reindeer land…It was a LOT of fun!  




The girls wanted some time to ‘read’ (their sequels to The Hunger Games)…so we headed to Joe’s Garage. Think Pure Thoughts (5.8+) is a fun climb!


Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed their novels 🙂

Shawn was there working out the moves on Perfect, a 5.12b!

We enjoyed an incredible day!  I was so pleased I took the opportunity to have the girls outside all day, instead of a stuffy classroom!

How about you? What do you do to enjoy a rare unseasonably warm day in March!?


Insanely Amazing!

Really, there is so much to be thankful for, I’m not sure why any of us spend even ONE minute complaining about trivial things.

Friday was a calling for mediocre weather. GORGEOUS weather for Ice Climbing, still a bit chilly for rock climbing.  A good friend, Chris, had posted on his facebook that he was looking for a partner to get out to climb Ice on Friday at the Parlee Brook Amphitheatre. I thought this may be one of my last chances to get out ice climbing this season, so I chimed in immediately. Sweet – I was going climbing at Parlee!!

It was incredible! Greg was able to join us too, so the three of us heading in for the hike in brilliant sunshine…quickly making us shed layers. I LOVE the strength of the spring sun!  The sun glistening off the snow made for some incredible photo opportunities.

Chris’ last check for his 2011-2012 Ice Season was to lead Patrick’s Choice…so we headed there first. Nice Lead Chris!


We were excited and happy about climbing some ice in the sunshine, so Greg led up Three Amigos in a single pitch…

Chris made the comment, about how social it is to climb in a party of three…and be two climbers climbing side by each (especially with ice climbing). He’s right…it makes for a super fun climbing day!


Technically in the whole ‘whose turn to lead is it’, it was mine, and I was asked if I wanted to lead…but I declined. I made my goal of ‘leading’ ice this year – two climbs to be exact—and I’m happy with that. I didn’t need, nor want to push it 🙂

So default goes to Chris’…and he is stepping it up…Yellow Pillar WI4.   Sweet!! The crux moves are right off the ground, but he sails it and does awesome!


Here is a picture that Chris took of Greg & I, as we seconded him on Yellow Pillar!

Check out his blog at:  http://oppositeandopposed.blogspot.ca/

The ravine looks incredible from the top of the climb and from the entrance of the amphitheatre


Well, these THREE AMIGOS, had an incredibly awesome end of season ice climbing day!  Arr, Arr Matie!

When the season of something ends for you – do you celebrate with something special?